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Celebrating Success with AANE

Among Red Sun’s many valued customers, The Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) deserves some special recognition right now for their tireless campaigns promoting awareness and advocacy around Asperger Syndrome and similar autism spectrum profiles. Red Sun worked with AANE on a deluxe invitation package for their upcoming Benefit Gala in Boston. The job involved a complex die-cut […]

2015 Calendar Depicts Threats of Injustice

Red Sun Press’ 2015 calendar is here, featuring an original illustration by Jesse Racusen, our newest Digital Production Specialist. We’ve mailed a bunch of them already, but let us know if you haven’t received it or would like additional copies. The striking image of ghostly desolation is accented by an eminent quote from Rev. Dr. […]

Free Eco Icons

Please use these responsibly I’m the first to say that slapping a pretty picture of a leaf or a farm onto your product does not magically give it qualities of environmental sustainability. In fact, greenwashing is a pervasive nuisance in our culture, where everything from automobiles to pesticides are marketed as “eco-friendly.” But if you […]

Haley House – Good Food, Good Business

The great thing about working for a place like Red Sun Press is that, even though we’re just a humble print shop, we keep ourselves part of the hugely exciting movement for social and economic justice. Customers come to us with their printing and marketing needs from environmental groups looking for low-impact production; from progressive […]

Does Your Printer Share Your Values?

Here’s a striking image and title I wanted to share from our recent mailing campaign. The image was used on an over-sized postcard and mailed the to 2,000 non-profits in New England. The text on the back continues, “40 years ago Red Sun Press was formed as a commercial print collective to give voice to […]

Red Sun Press Calendar for Peace and Justice 2013

This year our calendar theme is one of renewal and aspiration. We’ve quoted Nelson Mandela from his 1995 autobiography Long Walk to Freedom “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” 2013 is also a year of […]

2012 National Worker Cooperative Conference, June 22-24, Boston MA

It’s now just 10 days until Boston welcomes the 2012 National Worker Cooperative Conference, being hosted at MIT and Northeastern.  The schedule looks fantastic, with a strong focus on learning about co-ops, how they can improve their operation and the expanded role they can play in a fairer more democratic economy. Red Sun Press is […]

Announcing Operation Cooperation

Over the past two months, Red Sun Press has been organizing to launch a Massachusetts initiative to celebrate the International Year of the Cooperatives ( and to strengthen our state cooperative economy. I’m pleased to say that we’ve put together a great advisory committee with representatives from national and regional co-op organizations and state cooperatives. […]

Increasing Human Cooperation

Here at the Red Sun Press, we are counting down the final days of 2011 with a spring in our step. You see 2012 is the United Nations Year of the Cooperative, and we are celebrating it by working on a campaign to raise awareness of the cooperative movement To us this is much more […]

Environmental impact of print vs electronic media

It seems easy to find fault with printing for its environmental impact. Millions of trees dead. Gone to the mill to serve our gigantic needs for paper products. Dead trees are a sort of poster-child for environmental destruction. Electronic media is in, dead trees are out, we are told. While we won’t greenwash the effect […]