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Native American activist celebrated in Red Sun 2016 calendar

Fulfilling a mission that combines printing and social justice provides fascinating challenges for us a Red Sun Press, where activism has been running through the presses since 1974. Taking up the flag of Leonard Peltier seemed like natural fit. A native American activist struggling for the rights of his people and the land of his origins, Peltier’s case has been […]

Seasonal Inspirations from Green St.

Despite the harsh winter here in Boston, Red Sun’s indomitable crew has kept the operation humming, with snow removal scenes enacted repeatedly outside our Green St. building. As spring barely peeps around the corner, we look forward to a robust season of fresh printed output: newsletters, books, brochures, postcards, posters, wide format banners and signs […]

Free Eco Icons

Please use these responsibly I’m the first to say that slapping a pretty picture of a leaf or a farm onto your product does not magically give it qualities of environmental sustainability. In fact, greenwashing is a pervasive nuisance in our culture, where everything from automobiles to pesticides are marketed as “eco-friendly.” But if you […]

We are screwed beyond belief

Image credit: NASA and the MODIS Rapid Response Team There are no words.

Some Earth Day hand-wringing

Warning: Contains lamenting and finger-pointing Having experienced the first Earth Day celebration as a school child in 1970, learning about new disturbing concepts like “pollution” and “endangered species,” doing projects and oral reports and listening to grownups talk about protecting our planet, it’s kind of cool to think that the commemorative date has actually survived […]

Green leaves | Free Vector Graphics

Free art is one of those commodities people have come to expect from the web. When that art comes with an actual license to use it pretty much as you please, then it’s guilt-free pleasure. QVectors provides a nice assortment of tiny treasures. Download this leaf set from here Green vector leaves | QVectors Free […]

Riding Along with Bikes Not Bombs

A local group with whom we share a lot of values, Bikes Not Bombs deserves all the recognition it can get. Here in Boston, they recycle bicycles, train youth, and help build a peaceful community. Besides all that, they’re friends of ours! YouTube – Ride Along with Bikes Not Bombs.

Environmental impact of print vs electronic media

It seems easy to find fault with printing for its environmental impact. Millions of trees dead. Gone to the mill to serve our gigantic needs for paper products. Dead trees are a sort of poster-child for environmental destruction. Electronic media is in, dead trees are out, we are told. While we won’t greenwash the effect […]