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Native American activist celebrated in Red Sun 2016 calendar

Fulfilling a mission that combines printing and social justice provides fascinating challenges for us a Red Sun Press, where activism has been running through the presses since 1974. Taking up the flag of Leonard Peltier seemed like natural fit. A native American activist struggling for the rights of his people and the land of his origins, Peltier’s case has been […]

Free Eco Icons

Please use these responsibly I’m the first to say that slapping a pretty picture of a leaf or a farm onto your product does not magically give it qualities of environmental sustainability. In fact, greenwashing is a pervasive nuisance in our culture, where everything from automobiles to pesticides are marketed as “eco-friendly.” But if you […]

2014: the Year in Calendar designs

While most of what will happen in 2014 remains unknown to us all, there’s one thing we can see in advance very clearly: each day of the year laid out in beautiful, inspired pages in printed art calendars. And what better time than now to look ahead at the coming year, prognosticating and previewing what the […]

Tips for Crafting an Effective Fundraising Appeal

It’s that time of year again, school is back in session and the holidays are going to be here before you know it! This is the time of year in which development teams across the land start to put their attention to sending out appeals to their members and donors. Here at Red Sun Press […]

Hints for better print design Part II

or how to make your print provider’s day go better; Part II 1. Do you PDF/X-1a? Don’t be put off by the obscure and cumbersome acronym. Of the myriad formats and vehicles for sharing electronic files, PDF – specifically the flavor called PDF/X-1a – has become the standard in the printing industry. For good reason, […]

Green leaves | Free Vector Graphics

Free art is one of those commodities people have come to expect from the web. When that art comes with an actual license to use it pretty much as you please, then it’s guilt-free pleasure. QVectors provides a nice assortment of tiny treasures. Download this leaf set from here Green vector leaves | QVectors Free […]

Hints for better print production

or how to make your print provider’s day go better; Part 1 You love layout and design. Pushing around colors, text and graphics, manipulating pixels, and jockeying the mouse around the pasteboard until that eye-candy pops off the page. It’s got a rich, satisfying feeling like (almost) nothing else you do. And making the client […]